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The First-Gen Scholars is a cohort program for first-generation students, who are incoming freshmen or first-year transfer students. Students enrolled in our cohort classes will get a free elective credit per semester enrollment. Furthermore, students will get assigned to a peer mentor, who will focus on supporting their mentees in their transition to the University of Utah. Our cohort class is a close-knit community where students forge connections and mutually support each other in achieving academic success throughout their educational journey. Our committed advisors focus on fostering students' problem-solving skills and guiding them through life's complexities, ultimately contributing to increased success and retention rates. 

  Our Structure

We are organized by these 4 pillars:

  1. 1. Building a sense of community and belonging.
  2. 2. Peer support and normalizing the first-gen experience.
  3. 3. Intensive holistic support from staff and advisors
  4. 4. The opportunity to engage in a funded internship that enriches a student's educational career.

  How it works

After students are accepted into the program, they will receive a registration code to register for a free credit elective class designed to help introduce and connect them with the multitude of resources and opportunities available on campus.

There are two cohorts, and students will choose which one works better for them according to their schedules. Incoming first-year students are paired with established First-Gen U student mentors who teach them how to navigate the university system.

Once students complete the program for the full academic year (two consecutive semesters) they will earn 2- free credit elective classes. Plus, many opportunities for scholarships support.

Last Updated: 5/29/24